Our Community

Located at the entrance to the University of British Columbia, The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. is a local, grassroots business with strong ties to its community. It's founder, John Chen, started the company when he was a Ph.D student in the Experimental Medicine program at UBC.

John has a proven dedication to community contribution and leadership. He is the recipient of several humanitarian service awards and his volunteer experience ranges from helping handicapped children in Indonesia to building homes in Africa.


The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. currently has a number of programs that positively impacts both the local and global community:

100% Fair Trade Certified Coffees - All of our coffees are fair trade certified. By doing so, we ensure quality of life for the farmers and quality of coffee for you.

Support of Local Organizations - About once a month, the Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. donates money, coffee, and/or its space to students and local organizations ranging from Engineers Without Borders to the World AIDS Day event.

Support of Local Artists - The Boulevard Coffee Roasting Co. operates a gallery for talented and exceptional local artists to display their work. Taking the unique position of not charging any commission whatsoever, 100% of all proceeds from the sale of artwork go directly back to the artists themselves.

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