Our Environment

Environmental sustainability is one of our guiding principles. A sustainable business philosophy involves adopting the idea that it is responsible for the products and services it provides from inception to end use. All of our coffees are 100% organic certified and grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All of our coffees are also grown under a shade of canopy, preserving the natural habitat for local fauna.

Our coffee roaster uses an infrared burner and is extremely fuel efficient (uses 40% less fuel than traditional open air burners). We also use a catalytic oxidizer that cleans the exhaust gases during roasting. Using platinum/paladium bricks as catalyst, catalytic oxidizers are 65% more energy efficient than conventional thermal oxidizers.


In partnership with the UBC Compost Project, over 10,000 lbs of our coffee grounds are diverted from local landfills to sustainable composting every year.  Not only does this reduce the need to purchase fertilizers, it also reduces harmful emissions originating from landfills. We even use clear cups made from corn and utensils made from wood so they can be composted!

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