Our Teas
Our most popular blend, a China black tea with oils of lemon, orange and bergamont from Calabria.
Ceylan Kenilworth
The kenilworth estate is one of the rare ceylan gardens that produces a perfect orange pekoe. Pairs nicely with a dash of milk or a slice of orange, an ideal breakfast tea.
Japan Sencha
A large leaf Japanese green tea rich in antioxidants, displaying a subtle fresh flavour.
Jasmine Chung Hao
Once reserved for the imperial court, the Chung Hao is one of the finest grades of jasmine teas.
Rooibos Jardin Rouge
This aromatic blend has cornflower and sunflower petals with a delicate perfume of rose, strawberry, vanilla and grapefruit.
Herbal tea with hibiscus flowers, apples, lemon liquer, cardamom, and rose petals.
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